It's always important to be a careful driver because you save your own life and the lives of the other motorists. However, a car accident might sometimes be inevitable, though you might not be to blame. Another reckless, unskilled, or distracted driver might easily involve you in one, subjecting you to unexpected damages, time wastage, and injuries. In this case, you should do certain things at the accident scene to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, most people get nervous and confused and just stay inside the car for a while, not knowing what to do. As a victim, ensure you do the following three things while at the scene.

Assess How Much Damage Your Car Sustained

Your car will definitely be damaged during a car crash. The damage could be minor, moderate, or severe. For this reason, you should first assess car damage and take good photos because they will be part of the evidence you present to police officers or in court. For instance, its latch and suspension system could be damaged, and the car could also be misaligned. In some cases, it may develop electrical malfunctions, and transmission fluid could begin to leak. So ensure you take note of every kind of car damage you experience due to the other driver's recklessness or negligence. If you don't, you could suffer losses during the court case.

Collect as Much Reliable Information as Possible

You should try to get a lot of reliable information at the accident scene. However, you should do it carefully because you could unknowingly share information the other party could use against you. So although the other party also wants to hear your version, you should ensure you get as much information as possible from them. Find out if the other driver was drunk or intoxicated, and take a video if possible. Take their car's license plates and model. If there are witnesses around, take their phone numbers, names, and other critical details. 

Ensure You Call an Auto Accident Lawyer

Filing a car accident claim is never a simple process. You may collect reliable information at the scene and assess the property damage, but that's not all. You also need to look for a competent auto accident lawyer to initiate the legal process. They usually know where the process starts and where it ends. Never handle it yourself because you won't secure an appropriate settlement. You may also make a lot of mistakes during negotiation. For this reason, always contact a lawyer to handle it on your behalf.

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