If you own real estate, it's important to stay on top of the tax issues related to it. Although you can handle some of these issues yourself with the help of tax software or basic tax knowledge, there are also instances when seeking out the help of a real estate tax attorney is in your best interest. From making sure you get all the deductions you qualify for to consulting on questions that arise during an assessment, here are some situations when having a real estate tax attorney can be beneficial.

1. When You Have Significant Income From Rental Properties

Many taxpayers find that their income tax return is more complicated than originally thought. If you have significant income from rental properties, you may find it beneficial to hire a property tax attorney who specializes in taxation issues. 

This expert can help guide you through your tax filing and offer advice on capital gains, depreciation, and passive losses. An experienced tax attorney can also minimize your chances of being audited by ensuring all your paperwork is in order and keeping you compliant with all relevant state and federal laws.

2. When the Property Is Due for Tax Reassessment

Reassessments periodically happen to ensure everyone is paying the correct taxes. However, the process could disadvantage you. It is advisable to have a property tax attorney guide you in the process. An attorney can help in these situations because they have extensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations that can often make all the difference in your case.

3. When You Want To Challenge Valuation Methods

If you believe your property has been improperly valued by county assessors and paying taxes based on that value would be burdensome, you may be able to seek help from a real estate tax attorney. There are different ways property can be assessed at values that differ from market prices. 

For example, sometimes appraisers use outdated methods for valuing properties. Whatever the case may be, an attorney can help ensure assessors adhere to federal and state laws regarding valuation methods.

4. When You Are Accused of Property Tax Evasion

If you receive a letter from your local tax collector threatening legal action, it's time to seek out help. A property tax attorney can help craft your grounds for defense and build a case on your behalf. 

These professionals can typically settle cases without going before an appeals board, meaning that they may be able to prevent fines and assessments.

Adverse taxation is a threat to your property's value, and could also place you in legal difficulties, so you need skilled legal help in these matters. Call a real estate tax attorney to discuss your property tax issues and safeguard your property's value.