After an arrest, the future is uncertain. However, once you are out of jail and speaking to a lawyer, defendants may begin to see that there are several possibilities for their future, and they all depend on many factors. To find out more about the many potential paths your criminal case could follow, read on and explore the possibilities.

Are the Charges Justified?

Unfortunately, innocent people are found guilty and sent to prison all the time. Those who are innocent may naively believe that once law enforcement realizes that they have made a mistake, they will be exonerated. Sadly, that does not always happen after an arrest. While everyone wants to believe that the justice system is fair, the reality is that it can be challenging to prove your innocence. The reasons for this are many, but here are a few:

  • Your arrest counts as a win for the prosecution and law enforcement since it appears that they have arrested a danger to the community.
  • Law enforcement likes to close cases successfully with an arrest and shoddy investigational work often allows that to happen.
  • Those unjustly arrested will have an uphill battle proving their innocence. They must provide an airtight alibi, find the real culprit, or be found innocent by a jury.

If you have been arrested and don't think having a good lawyer to represent you is important, think again.

Have You Committed a Crime?

Having a good defense lawyer on your side is even more important if you did commit the offense to which you are charged. Once you have been arrested, your fate doesn't have to be completely in the hands of the prosecution. Just giving up is not the right move to make. A defense lawyer does more than just prove innocence — they also make sure that defendants are aware of their rights, that they know what the potential sentences could be, and keep them from further incriminating themselves by acting on their behalf. Many cases are now deposed of using a plea bargain agreement. However, an expert is needed to help you decipher the terms of the agreement and negotiate with the prosecution based on the evidence they have against you. Your sentence could be as different as night and day when you have a defense lawyer assisting you with your plea bargain and, if it comes to it, your trial.

To learn more about what a criminal defense attorney can do for your case, innocent or guilty, speak to one today (for instance, Giancola-Durkin, P.A).