Laws related to intellectual property can be confusing and complex to understand, especially if you're not familiar with the industry. Luckily, a patent attorney can handle them for you. So if you're an entrepreneur or inventor entering the world of patents, you don't need to feel overwhelmed if you have questions about your invention. Below are a few signs that show it's time to seek help from a patent lawyer.

You Aren't Sure Your Invention Qualifies for Patent Protection

It can be easy to assume your invention is patentable. Even worse, you may not realize until you apply for a patent, try to license it, or sell it that you are not able to do so. You might also find yourself in this situation if you hire someone else to apply, only to be rejected during the examination phase of the process.

If you aren't sure whether an invention qualifies for protection under U.S. patents, enlisting the help of an intellectual property lawyer can help you. They'll ensure that everything goes smoothly with filing and receiving approval from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They'll also ensure that your idea isn't infringing on someone else's intellectual property and help with licensing patent maintenance and portfolio management. As a result, you'll save yourself from uncertainty, long wait times, and tedious paperwork.

Someone Has Copied Your Invention Without Permission

If you find out that someone has copied your invention without permission, you need to seek the help of a patent lawyer. An individual can copy your invention by taking pictures or sketches of your product and selling it. They may also use an identical name to sell their version through another company.

Intellectual lawyers will use patent laws to protect your creation. They'll prove your invention is unique by outlining the differences between your invention and their copy. If it's discovered that they're selling your product, you can sue them and get compensated. These lawyers will also help you seek legal action to stop anyone from copying your product.

You Don't Know the Type of Patent You Need

Patents cover different types of inventions and knowing the type of patent to apply for can be confusing. A lawyer will help you choose the right patent based on your invention. Some patents they can help you file include provisional, utility, design, or plant. Utility patents are meant for physical inventions, while the other patents are meant for non-physical inventions like software, processes, and chemical compounds.

If you feel as though you are not quite hitting the mark with your patent search or things are getting a little too complicated, enlist the help of a patent lawyer. They'll help you avoid costly mistakes that might invalidate your patent.