Are you currently working with someone for your business and feel they are breaching the terms of their contract? Here are some tips that will help you deal with this legal issue.

What Are Your Losses?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are your losses as a result of the breached contract. Is it just a minor problem, or have you lost a substantial amount of money? If you do not have any losses, then it may not be worth seeking litigation against the person. There are costs involved even if you have a valid claim, so the value of what you are recovering must be significant. In fact, you may be better off settling small losses in small claims court.

Is The Problem Repairable? 

While you may want to go directly to litigation to deal with a breached contract, you should ask yourself if there is anything the other person can do to fix the problem. For example, if the contract dispute is over agreed-upon pricing, can the issue be resolved by simply giving you the previously agreed-upon price for what you are purchasing? 

Do You Need An Injunction?

It's possible that the breach of contract is going to harm your business? If so, you can seek an injunction to assist you. This is common in situations where a person has a contract to work with you, but they are stealing your clients and going against the terms of the contract. An injunction can be used to prevent this from happening because it has long-term consequences as part of your business. 

Did You Do Everything You're Supposed To? 

It's important that you look over your contract very carefully to ensure that you're holding up your end of the contract. It is possible that the person's actions are in retaliation because they feel like you did not fulfill your part of the contract and were the first to breach it. Before you pursue litigation, it's very important to determine if you are not in the wrong on this matter. If so, you will waste money trying to litigate when it will only be determined that you are the responsible party for breaching the contract. 

Do you still have questions about your breached contract case? Speak to a lawyer in your area that handles contract litigation cases since they can let you know what your options are.