Children often like to get very rowdy as they are playing and having fun. If your child is at a daycare, you will expect the daycare supervisor to make sure that your child does not become injured. Unfortunately, there are some daycares that are negligent, and your child might become injured as a result. If so, you will want to turn to an injury lawyer who can help you get to the bottom of what happened.

Your Rights After Signing a Waiver

When you first sign up for daycare, you will be required to sign a waiver of liability which has the goal of shielding the facility from liability. However, a waiver will often not hold up in court because the child is injured and not the parent. 

The child does not have the power to sign away their right to compensation for being injured at the daycare. The liability clause simply exists as a way to deter parents from taking legal action.

Steps to Take Before Taking Legal Action

You will want your child to receive a full medical examination to find out the extent of their injuries. While your child is being treated, you can choose to contact an injury lawyer at any point so you can begin your case.

During your conversation with your injury lawyer, the attorney will try to understand everything that occurred that lead to the accident. The goal will be to show that the daycare did not show due care when protecting your child from their injuries.

Your Odds of Success

A daycare is held to higher standards because children are more uniquely susceptible to dangers than adults. This is both due to children being more easily injured and because they often do not know how to protect themselves from danger. A daycare has the responsibility of finding and removing any potential dangers such as cleaning chemicals that could be accidentally consumed or electrical wires that are fully exposed.

For example, a daycare might be held responsible for your child being hit by a car if the daycare allowed the children to play near a busy street. A young child is not expected to know not to run across the street to grab a ball. Because daycare services are held to very high standards, your attorney may be able to reach a settlement with the daycare so you can pay for your child's medical bills and other expenses.