Are you in a predicament where you need some legal assistance regarding real estate? If so, you'll likely want to hire a real estate lawyer to help you out. Here are 4 situations when you should reach out to a real estate lawyer in your area. 

Drafting A Lease

You'll want to hire a lawyer any time you are drafting a real estate-related contract. The most common situation is when you need to create a lease for a tenant that will be renting property from you. This includes leases when you are renting a property to another person for as little as a year or long-term commercial leases. Having a lawyer draft a lease agreement will guarantee that you have the proper verbiage that will give you protection from your tenant. 

Drafting An Easement Agreement

Do you own property that somebody else needs to pass through to reach their own property? This requires an easement, which is where someone else has permission to go onto your property. Easements are definitely something that you want a formal agreement for since you want to put limits on how the other property owner can access your property. If not, the surrounding property owners could be using your property in ways that you never intended to allow as part of the easement.

Closing A Real Estate Purchase

There are plenty of ways that a real estate attorney will assist in closing on a real estate purchase. You do want someone that is going to review all of the documents that you need to sign to purchase the property and ensure that it is accurate and has terms that match what you've been told in the past either in written form or verbally. If you do not use a lawyer to close on your property, you could end up signing documents with mistakes in them, and then there is a huge hassle with having to modify the signed agreement when you catch them later. 

Performing A Title Search

Any property that you purchase needs to be free and clear of any complications that could prevent you from legally purchasing a property. This includes judgments that have been made against previous property owners where there is actually a lien on the property. This will give the current owner of the property time to clear up issues that would prevent them from selling it, and then you can move forward with the purchase. Reach out to a realty lawyer like one at Ozment Law PA to learn more.