A criminal record can follow you throughout the course of your life, making it difficult to be approved as a tenant or to be hired for a job position. Because most states do not automatically remove criminal records after a specific amount of time has elapsed, you may want to seek a criminal record expungement.

Details About An Arrest Will Be Removed

You may be familiar with the terms "record expungement" and "record sealing" but not understand the difference between them or the manner in which a record is modified. An expungement can be performed after several years have passed as long as no new arrests were made within the required timeframe to be approved for an expungement.

When this type of transaction is sought, an individual must file paperwork that requests that details are removed from their record. The date of an arrest, the formal charge, the sentencing that was mandated, and any court fees will be deleted if a judge rules in favor of the applicant.

With a record sealing transaction, criminal activity is hidden from public view, but the information is not removed from the record. In a legal case that involves another party requesting information about an individual, it may be revealed that a record was sealed, and there may be an option to uncover the information that has been temporarily unavailable to see through a routine search that is performed online.

A Fee Will Be Charged And You Will Wait For An Outcome

There are a few states that are beginning to automatically remove criminal information from people's records once a specific amount of time has passed. Before applying for an expungement, research the laws in your state, to see if you qualify for the automatic removal process.

If you live in a state where this is not offered, contact a clerk of your county's courthouse and request an application for an expungement. You will need to pay a fee prior to the filing of your paperwork. This amount could be several hundred dollars.

Once you have satisfied the amount that you owe, your paperwork will be filed and a court date will eventually be scheduled. Be patient for the time being since a courthouse handles many cases and you will need to wait until it is your turn to have your application reviewed by an assigned judge.

If you are able to have your record cleared, you can confidently fill out applications that contain your personal information since you will be certain that your dark past will not be revealed to anyone who performs a background check.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers criminal record expungement services.