Police issue between 25 million to 50 million traffic tickets each year and these numbers do not even include all the parking tickets police issue. If you drive a car, you take the risk of getting a traffic ticket for many different things. You might get one for speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign, or you can get one for many other reasons. If you get a traffic ticket, you have the right to fight it. The question is whether you should fight it. Here are several things to know if you are trying to decide whether to fight a ticket or not.

Consider Your Current Driving Record

The first thing you might want to consider is your current driving record. Do you have tickets on your record? Do you have insurance claims? People with spotless records have few risks when getting a traffic ticket, so they might want to pay the ticket and move on. People with blemished records, though, have risks with getting another traffic ticket. If you have numerous violations on your record at this time, it might be worthwhile to talk to a traffic ticket attorney to find out your options.

Understand the Consequences of Another Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket has consequences. For some people, the consequences are minor. Others face significant consequences from another ticket. The first risk is a loss of your driving privileges. Each time you get a ticket, you acquire points on your driver's license. If one more ticket leads to too many points, you risk losing your driver's license. The second consequence is the increased costs for your car insurance. Too many tickets lead to car insurance premium increases.

Evaluate the Facts

Finally, you might want to evaluate the facts and evidence in your case. Did you commit a crime when you received the ticket? Can you prove you did not commit the offense? If you have enough evidence to prove your innocence, fighting the charges might be your best move. You can ask a traffic ticket lawyer to help you decide how to proceed.

If you are convinced that you did not commit the crime in question, you should consider fighting the ticket. You might also want to fight it if you cannot take the risk of having another driving violation on your record. You can learn more about your options by speaking with a traffic ticket attorney.