According to one source, the average amount that couples spend on a divorce is $15,000 each, which means it costs $30,000 to end your marriage. If you want a divorce but do not have this kind of money to use for it, you could look for a more affordable option. Here are several things to know about the way fees work in divorce. Understanding these things may help you find a way to end your marriage without paying a ton of money.

Traditional Divorces Require Two Attorneys

A traditional divorce utilizes two attorneys – one for each spouse. Each lawyer charges a fee for the services he or she offers. When combined, you see that the costs for these two lawyers are expensive. In some divorce cases, each spouse pays his or her own legal fees. In other cases, though, one spouse pays both fees.

If you feel that this is too costly for you, there are alternatives you can explore. Before you explore alternative options for divorce, you should research the fee structure of divorce lawyers. By doing this, you can gain a better understanding of why divorces are so costly.

Lawyers Charge Flat Fees or Hourly Charges

There are two main ways that divorce lawyers charge fees. The first is a flat-fee rate. If you find a lawyer with this fee structure, you will know the exact amount you will pay for the services. You could pay more than the rate he or she quotes, though, but only if unexpected issues pop up that the lawyer must work on. People that like this option prefer it because it gives them a solid answer to the costs, and they can budget for this amount.

The other option is paying an hourly rate. Some people prefer this option because it gives them more control over the costs they rack up. With an hourly fee structure, you pay only for the time the lawyer works on your case. To save money, you can solve issues on your own to reduce the time the lawyer spends on the case.

Mediation and Collaboration Are Less Costly Alternatives

You could consider using mediation instead, or you could try a collaborative divorce. These are two alternative strategies that may cost less. They are not options that all couples can use, though. If you think that one of these options is right for you, click here for more information​, and talk to your spouse about it.