Collecting disability for an injury may be your right, but you even if you have a valid claim, the process of settling the claim is not always easy. The legal loopholes and steps you must take can be overwhelming but a good disability attorney can help guide you and make things easier.

When to Hire An Attorney

Often people try and file their disability claim on their own. Sometimes it is because they think they can't afford an attorney to help them but they may not be entirely true. If you are filing a claim and are meeting resistance from the insurance company, the employer or the Social Security Administration, hiring a lawyer to help you is your best option. 

If you feel you have a valid claim, don't wait to meet with an attorney. The only way you are going to find out if they can help you is to sit down with the attorney and discuss your claim. If the attorney does not think you can win an award, they will tell you upfront and save you a lot of time and money.  

Navigating the Process

When you are trying to file a claim for disability, there may be a lot of steps to deal with. If you end up having to take the case to court, your attorney may need to file motions and affidavits that are tiered to the case.

While you can do a lot of this yourself, the attorney knows how it needs to be done and the most effective way to get through the process. The team at the law office are experts in dealing with legal papers and procedures so let them deal with the hard stuff for you. 

Payment and Fees

If your concern is the cost of the attorney, you might be surprised to find out that many disability and injury attorneys work on an agreement with their clients to get paid from the award you get. In other words, if the attorney takes the case and does not win the case, you pay nothing. This is part of the reason they go over your case before agreeing to take it. 

The percentage they set is often well within reasons for the services they provide and because it is a percentage, if your award is lower than expected, they will take less of it. For people with limited income, this is a good way to hire a workers compensation law attorney without the stress of trying to come up with the money for a retainer and costs along the way.