Maybe you are considering getting one, or maybe you have already gone through one—divorce is a significant life change that can bring about a lot of big questions. Many people who go through a divorce with the help of a divorce attorney often feel like they are part of a small group of people. However, the legal filing is a lot more common than it once was. Getting to know some of the facts and statistics regarding divorce can make a difference. Here is a look at some of the common questions regarding divorce. 

How many people get a divorce every year in the United States?

It is no big secret that more people get a divorce now than what they used to many years ago. The number of divorces and annulments in the United States has remained at a steady number over 800,000 for several years straight. In 2016, there were 827,261 divorces and annulments in the 44 reporting states, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That big number broken down a bit means that 3.2 people per 1,000 have gotten either a divorce or an annulment. 

What is the most commonly cited reason for getting a divorce?

In order to file for a divorce in most states, couples have to offer a reason to be considered the grounds for filing. This reason can range from anything like lacking affection to infidelity, but there is one big reason why people file that comes up often. The biggest culprit to blame in recent years appears to be a claim of "unreasonable behavior," and a less-cited reason is desertion. Even though adultery or infidelity is often assumed to be the biggest cause to blame, it is actually not, but there are still a lot of divorces filed for this reason every year. 

What are divorce rates in other countries?

The United States does have one of the highest divorce rates internationally, but there are some countries that have numbers that come pretty close. For example, the divorce rate in Lithuania, Moldova, and Latvia is 3.1. It may come as a surprise that there is at least one place with a higher divorce rate than in the United States; Belarus has a divorce rate of 4.1 and Russia has a rate of 4.8. However, both of these countries last reported in 2011. 

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