Law firms will have a constant need to have documents and other items served to targets of investigations and lawsuits. Unfortunately, attorneys that have recently started their own practice might not have experience with overseeing this logistical aspect of a law practice. 

Why Should You Use A Professional Process Server Over Law Enforcement?

Individuals will often assume that law enforcement will always be the best option for delivering subpoenas and summons. While there are many sheriff offices that will serve these documents, they may be considered a low priority responsibility. This can lead to there being sizable delays. Considering that many of these items will be time sensitive, it is vital to have them served as quickly as possible. A professional process server will specialize in being able to quickly ensure that the targets receive these items as quickly as possible.

What Happens If You Do Not Have The Address Information For The Target?

For the fastest service, it is ideal to have the address information for the target of the documents. Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to have this information. When this is the case, the process server may need to investigate the target to determine their most likely whereabouts. Not surprisingly, this is an intensive task, and many process servers may not offer this additional service. In these situations, you might need to retain a private investigator to locate the target. Using a process server that can offer location services can be a more affordable and convenient option, and this can make it worth attempting to find a process server that will be able to offer your law practice this type of support.

How Are The Costs For A Process Server Calculated?

The costs for using a process server will vary depending on a number of factors. However, the most important factors in determining cost will relate to the difficulty of locating and serving the documents to the target. In addition to knowing where these individuals are located, this will also involve reaching them. For example, a person that lives in an isolated area will be more costly to serve process due to the longer drive that the server will have to make. When hiring one of these providers, they will be able to offer you a quote for the estimated cost of delivering the process. The final costs may be slightly different based on unforeseen circumstances or problems that can arise.

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