If you recently lost a loved one and are feeling overwhelmed by not only burying someone that you love but also dealing with all of their finances and their estate, then you may be wondering what on earth you're going to do. Luckily, with the help of a probate attorney, you can get everything in order so that you can spend time mourning with your family and doing what really matters: healing after a death. If you have never hired a probate attorney before, then you may not have the slightest idea of what to look for before you hire one. Read on to learn more about a few things that you should consider before you hire a probate attorney. 

Do They Work Out of State?

If you live in one state and your loved one lived in another, then you are going to need to be able to find an attorney that practices in both states, or ask for a reference. Because attorneys have to take the bar in every state in which they practice, it can sometimes be difficult to find an attorney that both specializes in probate law and practices in multiple states. Not only is finding someone who has the ability to practice in multiple states beneficial to you if your loved one lives somewhere else, but then you'll know that they are familiar with all of the pertinent laws. 

What Kinds of Law Do They Specialize In? 

It can be beneficial sometimes to find a probate attorney that has other specialties as well. For instance, if your loved one has a lot of real estate property then it may be helpful to find a probate attorney that has a lot of experience with real estate law as well; that way, you don't have to worry about hiring multiple attorneys to get the work done. 

What Experience Do They Have?

When it comes to the field of law, experience is everything. You want to look for a probate attorney that has a lot of experience dealing with estates and estate planning, as well as someone who has been through it all -- that way, they won't be surprised by any issues that you may run into when you're wrapping everything up. 

Losing a loved one is a hard and stressful time for anybody. If your loved one didn't have their estate in order before they passed, hire a probate attorney to help you get the job done. For more information, you can visit sites like https://www.rmstoneattorney.com/.