When you are injured on the job, time may not be on your side. Not only is immediate medical attention an important part of your injury recovery, but a fast response is also critical to your claim. Make sure you understand why it's essential that you report your injuries in a timely manner.

Reporting Guidelines

Every company is different in terms of their policies, but one thing is consistent — they must adhere to local laws. Most states have reporting guidelines that determine how long an injured employee has to file a claim. 

In the same manner that your employer is required to adhere to the law, you must also comply with the law and report your injury within this period. For example, your state might require that all workplace injuries be reported within seven days. If you fail to report the injury as advised, you could face consequences in the future. 

Loss of Evidence

Your employer may not take steps to deny your claim intentionally, but this factor does not mean that they will eagerly pay your claim. If there is an opening to dismiss the value of your claim, do not assume that your employer will not take advantage of the opportunity. 

Quickly reporting the injury ensures that you have an opportunity to collect any evidence vital to your accident. Without evidence, you offer a loophole for your employer to deny your claim. After you report the injury, you want to collect as many statements as you can from co-workers who can attest to what happened. 

Claim Limitations

One serious uphill battle you face when you fail to report your claim in a timely manner is a claim limitation. First, your claim could be outright denied. For example, if your state requires all injuries are to be reported in seven days and you wait three months to report the injury, you may not receive any help.

Even if your claim is not denied, the value of your claim could be reduced. If too long of a period has passed, your employer could argue that the workplace injury was not solely to blame, which could conclude that they are also not entirely responsible. If they are successful in their argument, you would be left to bear some of the financial burdens for your treatment. 

It's your duty to protect yourself. Make sure you are reporting your claim as soon as possible to achieve this goal. Consult with a workers compensation attorney who can help you report your injury and handle your claim going forward.