If you are being unjustly accused for the robbery of a business, chances are you will want to do whatever possible in proving your innocence so you do not receive fines or jail time. Many times robbery cases will go to trial in an attempt to prove guilt or innocence of the convicted person. Here are some steps you should take to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome during a trial instead of receiving punishment for a robbery you did not commit.

Exude A Positive Demeanor Throughout the Trial

It is best to do your best to remain calm throughout the entire court process. Making loud outbursts of your disapproval in something said will not put you in a positive light to the judge or jury. Instead, listen to what is being said and answer questions without a condescending tone. It may be difficult to be cross-examined by an attorney who is trying to make you look as if you had committed the crime, but taking your time to answer questions factually without retaliating with your word choices will make you appear respectable. This may have an impact on the way you are portrayed to those making a decision on your fate.

Collect Physical Evidence To Present In Court

If you have information to help show your whereabouts at the time of the incident, you may be able to prove you were not involved. Gather all information leading up to the time of the robbery. Receipts showing you were in other establishments, cell phone calls, texts, or social media postings that coincide with the time of the robbery, and GPS tracking information from your vehicle will all show a timeline of the events you partook in, possibly helping to prove innocence. 

Obtain Witnesses To Speak In Your Behalf

In addition to physical evidence, verbal accounts of where you were located during the robbery will be analyzed in a court of law. Anyone you saw in person or spoke with on the phone or online should be tracked down to give a statement to the court about their interactions with you on the day or night of the robbery. 

Rely On Your Attorney To Give You Recommendations

If your evidence is scant and witnesses are not obtainable, it may be a bit more difficult to prove your whereabouts during the robbery. Your attorney, like Swartz & Swartz P.C., will lead you in the right direction in what to say when questioned. They will also be helpful in tracking down information about the case, such as obtaining copies of video surveillance in the area to have professionally analyzed. Attorneys also have the means to look up similar cases to find an angle in proving you were not involved as well.