If you've applied for disability claims via your employer or through a private disability insurance company and you've been denied, there are steps you can take. With the right knowledge, you can appeal the denial and get your benefits. Here are five tips on how to appeal denied disability insurance claims:

1. Provide more medical information

It's possible that your claim was denied because the insurance company didn't have enough information about your disability. When you appeal, provide more medical information. Send in copies of all your medical records, not just bits and pieces. You should also ask your doctor for written statements on your condition and see if your doctor will do more testing to prove your disability.

2. Enlist friends, family, and coworkers

Even though your disability claim is a medical issue, non-medical testimony can help your appeal. Ask family, friends, and coworkers for written statements regarding your disability. In their statements they should emphasize how how much your disability has impacted your life. They should also provide details on your ability to work and function before your disability.

3. Follow your doctor's orders

If your doctor gives you specific instructions regarding your medical condition, follow his or her orders completely. For example, if you're told you can't lift anything heavier than 20 pounds, don't do it, even if you're having a good day. Pushing yourself to the limit not only jeopardizes your health, but your case. Your claim could get denied again if you're caught on tape doing something that your doctor says you can't do.

4. Provide evidence from other agencies

If you filed claims against other agencies including Social Security Disability or Worker's Compensation, and your claim was approved, this can help your case. Submit copies of the decisions made by these agencies in your appeal. Having approved claims from other agencies can boost your disability insurance claim.

5. Hire an attorney

An attorney who knows the law and disability claim process is a valuable asset that can improve the chances of your claim getting approved. A disability claim lawyer can significantly ease the burden of the appeals process. Your lawyer will review your insurance policy as well as the statement outlining why the claim was denied. He or she will know what evidence to present on appeal and make sure you meet all your deadlines.

These are tips on appealing your denied disability claim. Contact an attorney like Iler and Iler for more information and legal advice.