When you think that your marriage is coming to an end, it is crucially important that you become cognizant of every move you make. Divorce dictates the way that you split your property, raise your kids and handle so many other life matters. When you think that your marriage is over, use this resource to help you figure out how to conduct yourself through the divorce process.  

What To Do Before Filing For Divorce

Before you file your petition for divorce, make sure that you keep these tips in mind. 

  1. Don't move out of the house! This is a classic mistake that people make when they want to separate or end their marriage. Before making any drastic moves, talk to a divorce attorney. Leaving the house could be construed as abandoning the property in a court of law. 
  2. Make solid attempts at reconciliation. While no one should stay together if it isn't working, resolve to give it one last shot, so that you never have to wonder if you made the wrong decision. You can speak to a therapist, counselor, minister or other professional. 
  3. Acquire financial documents for evidence. When you think that divorce is going to happen, you will need to have all of the proof that you need in order to stake claims during trials or negotiations. 

Filing For Divorce In Your State

Each state operates under its own set of divorce statutes. Your family law attorneys will be able to guide you through it. For example, if you live in Iowa and are divorcing under its statutes, you need to have lived in the state of Iowa for at least a year. If you don't satisfy this requirement, your petition for divorce will not be accepted. Further, the divorce decree will not be issued until at least 3 months from the filing date. 

Hire a credible attorney in your state to get the best guidance possible. 

Seek Mediation When Possible 

While many people picture disagreements and discord when thinking of divorce, mediation creates agreement in between 50 and 80 percent of divorces. This means that you will spend less time, money and energy getting a positive outcome in your divorce. 

Either hire attorneys who are skilled in mediation, or use a mediation company in order to come to terms on property division, debt allocation, child arrangements and more. The courts can pair you up with mediators if you need further help. Otherwise, you and an attorney (such as one from The Law Offices of Muro & Muro) will have to prepare for trial, staking each claim in front of the judge. 

Regardless of how your marriage ends, make sure to use this information and hire a divorce lawyer who can help you.