Public places have a duty to make sure that the floors are kept clean, dry, and free of trip hazards or appropriately signed to show that you could experience a slippery surface. If you fall and get hurt in a public place, if you are like a lot of people, you will just get up if you can and try to deal with your injuries in your own way. However, you should not be left to deal with doctors bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering on you own. Here are a few of the more common questions about filing a personal injury claim in a slip and fall case. 

Should you report the accident before you leave the store?

You should absolutely report an accident before leaving the store or business where you were injured. If you fall and hurt yourself, then leave, the business owner could claim that you were not really injured on the property, but after you left. It is best to stay put after you fall in case you are injured worse than you think, and flag down another customer to go get help if an associate does not come to you first. 

Do you need to get witness information at the scene of the accident?

It is always a good idea to get names and phone numbers from people who could be potential witnesses in your case. You will likely find that some people will not want to be involved, but it never hurts to ask, as witnesses can play a crucial role in your claim. 

Is it a good idea to take pictures or have someone else do so?

If you have a camera phone on you, snapping a few pictures of what made you fall, or handing your phone over to someone who can, is definitely a good thing to do. Store surveillance may not show a clear enough picture of small objects or spills near the floor, but a camera will. 

How quickly should you contact an attorney?

Once you have slipped and fell, filed a report, and sought medical attention, you should contact an attorney for advice. From this point, an attorney can let you know if filing a claim will be a good idea and help you through the necessary steps. 

Even though public places and businesses have a liability to ensure a safe place for all who enter the building, you never know when just a small negligence could leave you injured due to a fall. Talk to a slip and fall lawyer, or visit, for more information about filing a claim.