Are you taking time off because you suffered an injury at work? If you need financial assistance for your situation, you may want to hire a lawyer to help you file a claim with your employer for workers compensation. Find out why assistance from a lawyer is the best way to go about getting approved for workers compensation benefits.

How Can A Lawyer Make The Workers Compensation Claim Process Easier?

Before speaking to your employer about your claim, a lawyer will first determine if you have a good case based on the laws in your state. You will have to explain what you were doing when the injury occurred. For instance, tell the lawyer if you were operating dangerous equipment and if there are any guidelines that you failed to abide by. Your lawyer will basically determine if you had any fault in the incident that can lead to your employer denying your claim for workers compensation benefits.

If your claim is legitimate, your lawyer will make the claim process easier by ensuring that you have plenty evidence concerning the injury. A document from your physician that details how you are being treated will be needed for evidence. It is also important for the document to explain how long you are expected to be treated before you can safely return to work.

Obtaining assistance from a lawyer is also the best way to make sure you will be compensated a fair amount of money. Your lawyer will make sure that you are paid at least two-thirds of what you were receiving in your regular paychecks. If your employer fails to compensate you in a fair amount or denies the claim altogether, your lawyer can help you sue.

You may be able to sue for things that include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Making your home handicap accessible
  • Transportation to & from your physician

What Does A Lawyer Charge By The Hour On Average?

A lawyer will usually charge up to $500 plus per hour on average, but it will depend on how complex the case is. If your workers compensation claim is denied, the case will turn into a lawsuit that may be charged based on a contingency fee. The contingency fee will allow you to get assistance without paying anything until your case is won. You will then have to pay a percentage of what is won to the lawyer that is based on his or her own discretion. Get in touch with a lawyer so you can get the workers compensation benefits that you rightfully deserve!