Have you ever suspected that you were a victim of emotional abuse? Emotional abuse can be difficult to pinpoint, especially because it is typically invisible. Looking for these signs could prove to be helpful, especially if you are considering divorce. While laws differ from state to state, cruelty is typically grounds for divorce in fault-based cases. If you have been coping with any of these elements, alert your divorce attorney right away.

1 - The lack of respect came on slowly.

One common trait among emotionally abusive people is that they are charming in the beginning. They might even have a hard luck story to attract you. You might then notice this person becoming extremely critical of other people -- strangers, family members, friends -- before this judgement turns toward you. This attitude often does not develop until after the marriage.

2 - Stories about past relationships are troubling.

As you likely know, few relationships truly have a "good guy" and a "bad guy." Somebody with stories about constant exploitation and bitterness could indicate a troubling past. It is wise to look at a your partner's history to gather evidence for your divorce proceedings, possibly even bringing an ex-spouse as a witness.

3 - You aren't supposed to have expectations.

In this relationship, you are not allowed to make any demands or set any expectations. This individual requires constant commitment and a dedication to healing him or her. This may come into play during your divorce as your ex-spouse acts as if he or she is being victimized. Your attorney can help to bring attention back to the facts of the case.

4 - You are dealing with a short fuse.

If you are in a relationship in which the person you are with is quick to anger, you should be careful. This person could have a foul mouth,or they may not easily forgive small mistakes while refusing to own up to their own mistakes. If you have a chance to record verbal abuse, do it. This could help your court case.

5 - Boundaries are not allowed -- for you.

Your boundaries go ignored by your significant other, meaning that you are not allowed to have your privacy and you are required to answer inappropriate questions. Your significant other has become the main authority on every aspect of your life, while you are not allowed to have an opinion on anything in theirs. Your divorce lawyer at Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC. may be able to work with specific examples of this occurrence.

Staying safe from abuse requires a keen eye. In fact, many of the strongest people you know could be coping with emotional abuse and you just don't see it. Additionally, emotional and verbal abuse often lead to physical abuse. Your divorce lawyer needs to know if abuse is playing any role in your divorce.