The many decisions you will need to make following an auto accident can be overwhelming, especially the ones you may need to make about the other driver's insurance company. Some car insurance companies will offer a settlement to keep the accident out of court. Finding out whether you should settle out of court or not is important and is a choice you need to make with the help of an experienced auto accident attorney.

Know the Importance of Making Initial Demands

When dealing with an insurance company after an accident, the first step you will need to take is writing a letter of demand. A letter of demand goes to the other driver's insurance company and it should include information outlining the accident. Some of the kinds of information in a letter of demand includes:

  • Medical records related to the injuries you may have sustained during the accident.
  • Records from your place of employment showing how many hours and the amount of wages you lost because of the accident.
  • Evidence proving the other driver was at fault.
  • Facts related to your specific case. For example, if you lost time at work due to caring for one of your family members that was also injured in the accident.
  • Descriptions of the pain and suffering endured by you and by any other persons in the car with you during the accident.

A well-written letter of demand is an important aspect in settling a case out of court. For this reason, the letter of demand should be written by a law professional with experience writing one.

Know the Reason Insurance Companies Want to Settle

Insurance companies would rather settle with you out of court to save money. However, some insurance companies might also offer you a lot less than what you might get through a court trial. An insurance company may offer you a high amount to settle, but it could be a lot less than what a lawyer could help you get. Choosing a lawyer to handle insurance adjusters is best to get what you rightfully deserve and to avoid the stress of trying to legally get it.

If you have been in an auto accident, you may be out of work and recovering from injuries. The last thing anyone needs while trying to recover is pressure from insurance companies and their adjusters. If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact an auto accident lawyer to help you get through it with less stress.