If you've been involved in a car accident, the question of fault and the extent of the damage isn't always obvious. The accident could have happened with no witnesses, a third party (or more) could have caused the accident and fled the scene or weather could give either party a reasonable escape of blame. By examining your vehicle carefully, you can make a much more compelling claim.

Full Inspection At Home And The Mechanic's Shop

When your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, there are a few assumed actions that aren't always followed through. There should be an investigation by law enforcement, especially if drugs, alcohol or a fatality change the severity of the accident. Everyone makes mistakes, however, so you shouldn't put the fate of your vehicle case (and potentially your life) in the hands of a single investigation team.

Hire a private investigator to look at the scene of the accident and to investigate your car. Be a part of the investigation by taking your own pictures and adding insight as to how your vehicle should operate. If your car isn't totaled--a point when repairs exceed the worth of the car--you may have to repair certain things piece by piece.

Once the car accident legal proceedings are over, it may be difficult to demand compensation after the fact. Make sure you catch everything as soon as possible, or push for a full replacement. Don't rely on car insurance alone; make sure that your legal opponent pays their fair share of the damages.

Maintaining Evidence With Efficient Backups

If you have pictures, video or audio of the car accident event, you'll need to make sure that they survive legal proceedings. You may lose the evidence through your own fault, a simple mistake or the aggressive actions of your legal opponent, so make sure to have backup copies.

Email is one of the easiest ways to copy your information. If your evidence is in digital format, simply add the evidence as an attachment and email it to people you trust or need. These people may be friends, family, co-workers, legal representation or law enforcement.

If the evidence is too big for email, there are many online storage services available. Most services allow a basic storage amount that can handle a few videos of decent quality, along with the ability to share the information without giving administrative access (the ability to move, change or delete files) to others.

For help with creating a powerful defense after a car accident, contact a car accident lawyer.