There are a few clear cut cases where you need call a lawyer. It is important to know what you can handle yourself, and when you may need representation. If you have been arrested, are in a financial battle, or custody is on the line, hiring a lawyer will protect your interests and provide a better outcome for your case. Since most of us aren't in situations very often when a lawyer needs to be involved, here are a few situations where calling a lawyer, like the ones at Garrett Law Firm, PA, is in your best interests.

Visitation Rights and Child Custody

Setting up or revising child custody plans should be worked through with a lawyer. When going through a divorce, it is a good idea to have your own lawyer, especially if children and custody is involved. It is your attorney's job to to make sure that your best interests are taken into consideration. Sometimes life events will change in parental situations, and custody must be revised. Even the most amicable situations can get sticky and it is a good idea to have a third party there to review and help walk you through the nuances.

Recouping Finances for Personal Injury

If you have been involved with a personal injury case with a company or insurance agency, the process can be confusing and move slowly. If you are in pain and need a settlement to move on and recoup losses, you can be frustrated and not fully understand your rights or the extent of your injuries. Having a lawyer involved to make sure you are receiving a swift, just settlement that matches your injuries is important for your future stability.

Arrested for a DWI

If you have been arrested for a DWI, is it imperative that you review your case with a professional lawyer. There may be something procedural during the arrest that was handled incorrectly, and this can be expunged from your record. While considered a smaller offence, DWI's stay on your record and can affect employment and can appear on background checks for rentals and certifications. Your lawyer can review your arrest and prepare a DWI defense if there is merit to your case.

If you are going through a legal situation that you cannot handle on your own, have a lawyer review your case to make sure you are represented to the fullest. Sometimes you need someone in your corner to fight for you. Find an experienced attorney that specializes in similar casework to your needs to help you through the process.